Born in Toronto Ontario Canada in 1953, Robin Muller's earliest introduction to art came from two very different sources. The first was a book of Pre-Raphaelite paintings that belonged to his older brother Lawrence. The second was a Rupert Bear annual that his aunt in Wales had sent as a Christmas present.

  Although an unlikely combination, each possessed a mastery of design, colour and composition which the young Robin found irresistible. Hours would be spent, stretched out on his bedroom floor, drawing and redrawing what he saw there. Along with the accomplished draughtsmanship, the books provided the necessary ingredients to encourage storytelling. The Rupert stories, told both in prose and rhyme by the gifted author/illustrator Alfred Bestal, allowed Robin to invent side plots and story lines that involved the secondary characters. Whereas, unlike Rupert Bear, the works of the Pre-Raphael artists proved far more challenging. Often unable to decipher the meaning of the situations that the subjects of the paintings seemed to find themselves in, Robin would simply make up his own stories to explain the scenes so richly depicted.